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REHOVOT and TEL AVIV, ISRAEL; MENLO PARK and BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA.  — May 12, 2022 – NeoTX announced today the acquisition of InterX. InterX, is a drug discovery company utilizing advanced proprietary tools of biomolecular computation for the discovery and design of novel therapeutic molecules based on Nobel Prize Laureate Prof Michael Levitt’s discoveries. These tools allow a detailed quantum mechanical process assessment of biochemical interactions resulting in faster, more accurate and efficient drug discovery. In addition to the discovery engine, this acquisition also comes with a pipeline of early drugs. “We are excited to be expanding NeoTX capabilities to include a suite of proprietary drug discovery technologies. InterX is a world class team that includes three Nobel Laureates who have developed technologies that have the potential to increase the speed of drug discovery. These technologies augment traditional Computer Assisted Drug Discovery (CADD) and are designed to replace much of the typical synthesis and testing cycles that are needed after obtaining results from the traditional CADD process, while potentially saving three-plus years of the typical drug discovery timeline” said CEO, Asher Nathan. “InterX’s technology is the most advanced in the industry, and when combined with the development expertise of NeoTX, we will be able to advance best-in-class drug candidates, increase the value of our pipeline, and strive to contribute to improvement of quality of life within society,” said Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Roger Kornberg, Chief Scientist of NeoTX and cofounder of InterX. InterX will benefit from the experience and infrastructure of NeoTX while maintaining a culture of innovation and creativity. Post-merger, Prof. Kornberg has also assumed the role of Chairman of the Board of NeoTX. About NeoTX NeoTX is a clinical-stage company developing targeted anticancer immunotherapies utilizing its proprietary Tumor Targeted Superantigen (TTS) platform. TTS binds a genetically engineered bacterial determinant to the tumor surface while simultaneously activating and expanding tumor specific immune cells that are then redirected from the periphery to the tumor to mount an immune response. The company’s lead TTS molecule, naptumomab estafenatox (NAP) is currently in clinical development for advanced solid tumors. For more information, please visit About InterX InterX is a drug development company, based in the United States and Israel, which is revolutionizing biomolecular computation of chemical and biological systems. The company aims to achieve robust and accurate prediction of molecular and ensemble properties of biological systems using computational methods. InterX is led by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Roger Kornberg. For more information, please visit   Media Contact: Aviram Uzi Head of PR and Communications Gelbart-Kahana Investor Relations +972-525329103   Investor Contact: Robert Harow, CFOO NeoTX Therapeutics Ltd 609-718-2305 x204