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NeoTX, an innovative immune-oncology clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, is looking for a Molecular Force Field Scientist Please send CV and cover letter to

NeoTX, led by Nobel Prize winners Roger Kornberg and Michael Levitt, is the world leader in quantum mechanic based molecular simulation CADD technology. The company utilizes this technology to develop an impressive oncology drug pipeline containing molecules from early discovery through phase 2 clinical trials.

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Role and Responsibilities:

For this position, we are seeking a talented theoretical physicist/biophysicist to join the force field development team and develop new models to describe inter- and intramolecular interaction of different molecules (such as proteins with drug-like molecules).

Primary Qualifications

  • PhD / postdoc with expertise in theoretical physics / biophysics / quantum chemistry, or with equivalent experience and expertise
  • Deep understanding of forces which govern the quantum world and interaction between molecules (e.g. London force, stacking interaction, cation-p interaction, etc.)
  • Understanding and appreciation of the difference between various quantum chemistry techniques: HF, MP2, CCSD(T), DFT, SAPT, etc.
  • Experience with calculation of molecular and atomic properties with quantum chemistry software such as Gaussian, GAMESS, MolPro, PSI, etc.

Secondary Qualifications — candidates should have several of these qualifications, but not necessarily all of them:

  • Extensive knowledge of organic chemistry and/or drug-discovery chemistry
  • Experience in developing Molecular Force-fields of any type a huge plus
  • Experience using molecular dynamics (MD) packages e.g. GROMACS, NAMD, etc. to simulate molecular systems ( protein complexes, homogeneous and heterogeneous liquids, solvation, etc.) highly desirable.
  • Software development experience and fluency in C/C++ a plus.
  • UNIX/Linux fluency and programming in Matlab highly desirable.

Exceptions may be (and have been) made for candidates with extraordinary level of ability and a history of original and unconventional thinking.

Please send CV and cover letter to

NeoTX, an innovative immune-oncology clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, is seeking for a pre-clinical research assistant to join our research and development team on a new and exciting project employing the CAR T technology.

Location: Rehovot, Israel


  • Motivated researcher with master degree in biology, preferably in immunology. Candidates with PhD in immunology, without experience in industry, will be also considered.
  • 2+ years of experience in the pharma industry is an advantage
  • Experience with immunological methods such as multi-parameter flow cytometry, ELISA, culturing primary T cells and cancer cell lines is a must
  • Experience with viral transduction to human or murine T cells is a plus
  • Experience with in vivo animal models is a plus
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (Hebrew and English)
  • Ability to plan experiments according to approved protocols, maintain detailed experimental records, analyze data (statistics and graphs) and write reports
  • Solid work ethic, attention to details, strong organizational and team-working skills

Position responsibilities

The successful candidate will take part in the experiments both at basic science level to understand the mechanism of action as well as more drug development oriented experiments aimed at bringing our project to clinical trials.
The candidate will be part of the R&D team and participate in experiment planning, perform the experiments, analyze the results, and write reports in English.

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